A business model describes how a proposed business is to be built around a particular product or service. It is a means of communication between entrepreneurs and investors or between the marketing department and top-level management. A well-designed business model shows not only the product, but the business that needs to be built around it in order to be both profitable and stable. The business model template that Zephram uses has nine components:

  1. Value Proposition
  2. Target Market
  3. Communication Channels
  4. Value-Creating Activities
  5. Core Resources
  6. Key Partnerships
  7. Cost Structure
  8. Revenue Structure
  9. Competitive Strategy

The model is based on the one proposed by Alex Osterwalder. However, it aggregates Osterwalder’s Customer Relationships and Channels into one single element (Communication Channels), and adds a new element (Competitive Strategy), since we feel that this is an essential component in the design of a new business.

Many projects that Zephram carries out are Business Model Innovation projects, in which our clients are looking for ways to stabilise, protect or grow their businesses. We have developed a list of questions for use in our Idea Factory workshops, which help our clients to develop new ideas to achieve these goals.

Here is a random sample of ten questions from the list:

  1. What are the 20% of your activities that bring 80% of your results?
  2. How could you sell a complete solution rather than just an isolated product?
  3. How could you have a more effective presence in the media?
  4. Which market segments are increasing in attractiveness?
  5. Can you find a partner who provides an attractive complementary offer to your product?
  6. In what way are your core resources unique, or how could you make them so?
  7. How could you convert fixed costs into variable costs?
  8. How could you diversify your revenue streams?
  9. For what type of customer is your offer the only viable alternative?
  10. Can you devise a service that unifies two or more customer tasks?


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